Corporate Health and Wellbeing Programs

Cornerstone to your employee recruitment and retention strategy

Health and wellbeing programs have long been a key tenet of an employer’s benefits package but generally speaking has been developed at the leadership level and in partnership with insurance providers leaving the companies key customer (their employees) out of the design process. 

While that is a great place to start, I work with companies to design effective and impactful health and wellbeing programs designed with the employee at the core.   

According to recent research, less than 25% of employees take advantage of their employers’ health and wellbeing programs.  Programs are generally set it and forget it and employees often don’t understand or have very little awareness of the benefits.  If this sounds like your company, you are missing out on a key recruitment and retention benefit that can really set you apart from your competitors.

I also work with clients to develop a rhythmic communication strategy that is designed to continually engage the employee, complete with a social media plan, that can be leveraged as part of their recruitment and retention strategy.

Together we’ll work to:

  • Develop health and wellbeing strategy that represents the company core values and culture
  • Discover what’s really important to your employees, how they want to be invested in, communicated to and supported.
  • Align key findings back to the corporate strategy
  • Design a plan that keeps employees engaged, aligned and invested in the company
  • Develop a communication strategy that regularly immerses employees in program benefits, strengthens corporate culture and lowers turnover.
  • Measure adoption and usage rates on a monthly or quarterly basis to validate program benefits or adjust to incorporate new offerings.

Contact me so we can begin to set up your program for the long term.  Conservative estimates claim it costs a business roughly 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them, so let’s work together to reinvest those costs back into your business.

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