There’s A Place For Everything And Everything Has It’s Place

Sure, a slight adjustment to Benjamin Franklin’s quote but I’m adjusting for modern times.  Seriously, there is no one size fits all solution to anything in this world.  At all.  It takes an ecosystem or a series of things, to make systems run.  Your body, which is a system, is the exact same way.

I see it ALL over social media.  “I need to lose weight.  I’m going to workout.”

NO.  You need to lose weight, so you need to adjust the foods you are consuming and consume them in the right ratios for your situation.  Your body.  Someone reading this is saying “did she just give me permission to NOT work out?”  No she didn’t.  You’ll NEVER hear me say that!

What I said was that working out isn’t the key to weight loss.  Will you lose weight working out?  Probably.  But that isn’t the purpose of exercise.  Exercise, specifically cardio’s purpose, is to boost the capability of the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs).  Make them stronger.  More efficiently.  In doing so, we could shed some pounds. When engaging in cardiovascular exercise, we are producing fresh, rich red blood cells that shoot straight up to the brain and produce seratonin, the feel good hormone.  Ever wonder why you feel SOOOOOO good after a workout?  Thank you serotonin!

Exercise’s place in your health and wellness journey is for the mind.  To sweat away the stress, make you feel better, provides you a sense of accomplishment and MOST importantly, quiet time just for you!  So then, what is the best solution for the body?

Nutrition.  Nutrition is the missing link here.  Proper nutrition, specifically consuming carbs, fats and proteins in the proper ratios are what leads to sustained weight loss.  You can wish it to be different, but science and experience have lots of research to back up these statements.  And when I say nutrition, I do not mean diets.  Diets don’t work.  You already know that.  Restrictions drive the wrong behavior. We want to change our relationship with food.  We want to learn how to properly fuel our bodies to do the things they want to do.  We want to teach our kids and our community healthy eating habits so they too can be strong and vibrant.  


You didn’t get to the point of needing to make a change overnight, and you won’t take it off that quickly either.  It WILL come off though.  What’s critical in this process is understanding how you got to this point.  What stories are you telling yourself that feed your anxiety, fuel self doubt and perpetuate emotional eating? Have you ever said: “I’ll be happy when I lose the weight”.


Reprogramming the mind to respond differently to triggers uncovers your happiness, not a number on the scale.  Letting go of the stories that bind you, uncovers the happiness, not your jeans size.  Freedom from food.  Freedom from self loathing and self depreciation.  Those are the crown jewels on this journey.  And the way forward is already within you.  We just need to dust it off.

So say yes to something that scares you today.  Say yes to taking control of your health and embarking on a journey of wellness that leads you to a place of gratitude and joy that is inexplicable.  Say yes to you.  No more no’s.

Shedding the COVID-19, or 20 or 30 pounds

Please stop putting yourself last.  I hope this blog comes across as authentically as it’s written and from a place of love but I need to ask you: when are you going to admit that the things that got you to a place where you feel like you need to make a change largely center around you, not prioritizing you. That’s it.

I’ve been there.  Self loathing was my middle name or maybe it was my whole name, I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, I’m not that person anymore and while that’s great for me, it’s EVEN BETTER for my family.  They have always responded to my energy, and they have noticed a massive difference in me since I’ve taken back control of my food and my emotions.  Everyone wins.  I feel great.  I treat them with endless love and respect.  They are happy.  I guess the saying is true: Happy Wife, Happy Life.  I wish it didn’t center around me, but it does.  So it was my responsibility to initiate change and let them know what I needed for support.

COVID has affected everyone in one way, shape or form, and it may be to blame for your current scenario or it could be you’ve been heading in the opposite direction for quite some time.  Either way, it’s up to you to put your foot down and command that THIS ENDS TODAY.

Food does have a way of activating the pleasure centers in our brains for minutes, not weeks.  But it’s a short term, temporary solution for a long term problem.  The problem lies within our ability to see ourselves for the choices we make and reclaim control of our choices and our relationship with food.

It can be challenging, but I promise, promise, PROMISE you it is worth it.  Put the work it now and watch who you become.  Look back on your current self with compassion.  Love who he or she was, and all they did despite their challenges. Some days showing up is the only win we can claim.  The longer the journey, the richer the rewards.  You will be rich in self love by the time I get through with you!

When we change our relationship with food, literally everything changes.  We feel better.  We look better.  We SOUND better.  We treat better.  We laugh more authentically.  We are more present.  We are now.  We are awesome.  The hardest step by far in this journey is declaring YES to YOU.  The rest is easy.  When you make that declaration, you give it life.  And what waters, grows.

The last thing is timing.  Listen, there is no good time to start a lifestyle change like the one I coach my clients on.  This type of change means we may need to limit certain indulgences.  For the record, I do not believe in total elimination of anything unless you are allergic to it, but the days of going hog wild and expecting your body not to notice, are gone.  COVID took your 2020, are you going to give it your 2021 too?  You’ve got this, and I would love nothing more than to walk alongside you on this journey.  As always, let me know how I can help and Happy Holidays!

Eliminate cravings in a SNAP

We are in the thick of the holiday season and what’s more, winter.  A time of year where movement and momentum is at it’s lowest.  This is the season where our best laid plans go to die.  They get put on the back burner and we allow stress and cravings to take over.  Most people will try to recoup by New Year’s with a resolution but the latest stats say that 80% of all resolutions fail.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You make choices that lead you down one path or another – it’s up to you how you want to ring in 2021.  How great would it feel to know you kept your cravings at bay, maintained control and put yourself first for once?

This year will naturally look a little different and emotions and stress are at an all time high across the board, but we still get to decide how we show up to face these challenges.  Where we give our power.  

Cravings are triggers activated by our emotional state, habits and surroundings and generally means there is something out of place somewhere – an imbalance.  Acknowledging them, diffuses their power and importance.  It also gives you the opportunity to make a choice.  The power can only reside in one place.  So, will it go to you, or your craving?  You get to choose, and by activating the SNAP method, we give ourselves the chance to treat the cause, not the symptom. 

The SNAP method is a methodology I’ve developed to reset any situation and place it back on track.  

S stands for STOP.  When those feelings of despair, doubt and disbelief enter your mind, you need to immediately stop what you are doing, thinking, feeling and analyzing.  Just don’t take another step.

Next is N.  N stands for NOTICE.  You need to notice the trigger, notice how you feel.  Does your chest tighten? Do your palms get clammy?  Do you begin to sweat?  Does your heartbeat race?  Where does your mind go?  Does it begin to flood with statements of justification or self doubt or blame?  Do you find yourself racing to the cookie jar to soothe yourself?  Don’t this time.  Instead, write down the statements you are telling yourself.  All of them.  Describe your physical and emotional reactions.  Just let the pen flow. 

Now move onto A which stands for Accept.  Read what you just wrote and see which reactions were based on fact vs emotion or what you THINK is true.  Accept the words for what they are, do not judge them but begin to look at them without judgement, you’ll see the words disarm, right in front of your eyes.  Your pulse will begin to slow, you’ll start to have compassion for yourself and the craving just goes away.

The last step is P which stands for Practice gratitude.  The situation doesn’t come without an education.  It comes with key learnings, learnings about you.  About who you are, how you think and feel about yourself and it also gives you a roadmap to joy.  Being thankful for your situations and experiences allow you to see them for what they are versus what you THINK they are.  Gratitude leads to growth; growth exposes changes and change uncovers self love.  All within a —-SNAP.

Remember why you started.  You wanted things to be different this time.  You wanted to end the endless cycle of dieting and make lasting lifestyle changes. Remember my definition of insanity which is: expecting that inaction will lead to desired change.  As always, I’m here to help you.  Let’s talk.

Top 3 Myths About Cardio Training

Before we get into it, I just need to say, I will NEVER tell you NOT to work out. Ever. Ever. Ever.  But I will correct you if you misapply why we do, what we do. Fair?

To level set, let’s start with defining what cardio is.  Cardio, is short for cardiovascular.  Cardio meaning heart.  Vascular refers to arteries, veins and capillaries or in broader terms, your circulatory system.  When you do any type of cardio exercise, you are providing direct benefit to your heart and lungs. 

When people set out to lose weight, 99% of the time, they immediately think “I need to work out” and by workout they typically mean some form of cardio training – running, cycling, swimming. That brings me to Myth #1.  Cardio is a requirement in order to lose weight.  The reality is when you go from a sedentary lifestyle to running 5K’s every other day, sure, you will likely see a difference in your weight.  But you can also lose weight without working out at all.  Remember the reason we do cardio is to challenge and strengthen our heart and lungs.  So while we are burning calories by engaging in cardio training, that’s a side benefit.  Not the main benefit.

When we engage in cardio training some really great things happen in our bodies.  Namely we produce serotonin, the feel good hormone and we release some much needed stress.  We strengthen our hearts and lungs which then increases their capacity to take in oxygen, pump blood and expel carbon dioxide.  We lower our resting heart rate, which helps to reduce stress and keep cortisol levels in check.  But for the majority of humans, cardio is only running, swimming or cycling and that’s good old Myth #2.  In fact, at this time of year, we have built-in cardio and we may not even realize it!  Shoveling snow is in fact cardio exercise, and a good one if you are able to do so.  Walking, jogging, climbing stairs, kickboxing, and snowball fights are also great ways to increase your heart rate.  Or, my personal favorite –HiiT workouts.  They are short, effective and there is no shortage of ways to design a great HiiT workout.  Perfect for those of us who need variety in our day!

Myth #3 really comes down to time.  You must do a minimum of 60 minutes of cardio in order for it to have any benefit on the body.  Silly, silly, silly.  I don’t know WHO came up with that but you can get a KILLER workout in, in as little as 10-15 minutes that will have you screaming for mommy.  The timeframe is really up to you, and honestly it comes down to personal preference.  Whatever you choose, you need to make sure you switch it up from time to time because what isn’t a myth about the body is that it WILL get used to the same routine over and over again.  And once it does, it doesn’t have to work as hard to complete the task which means you aren’t challenging it enough.  So switch it up, keep it fun and as always let me know how I can help.  Some of my clients will tell you they’ve called me mommy before.  

Treatment Versus Prevention

Let’s face it, no one wants to be TOLD what to do. We have many areas of our life where we do things because we have to, not because we want to. Eating, is one of those things we have to do, but WHAT we eat, is a choice we believe is ours to make. To some extent that is true.

We can certainly choose to eat whatever we want, but the outcomes of those choices may conflict with our goals. That said, more often than not, we are willing to move forward with those choices regardless of their long term effects.

I hear from clients all of the time that they have gone their entire lives without really knowing much about nutrition.  They know a lot about food, but they know very little about what to consume, when, or in what quantities.  Many will say that they eat very well – they don’t stock up on cupcakes or bags of potato chips and have never considered that vegetables are carbohydrates.  During my time as a nutrition coach exactly ZERO of them understood the role carbs, fats and proteins play in the body.  They don’t know what the food they are eating is doing inside the body once consumed.  At that point, the journey isn’t over, it’s just begun.  

So what does all of this mean?

It means in order to be proactive, you need to get educated.  The frustrating and difficult thing about education is there is a LOT of misinformation on the web.  Be careful of expert claims not backed by credible sources, facts and actual data.  Choose an expert that has walked the walk themselves.  Someone who has won the weight loss war and mastered the mental game and who is willing to spend the time with you to really understand and develop rapport with YOU.  Your goals.  Your triggers.  Someone who will help you to develop strategies that prevent diet related diseases so you can spend your time living your best life, not addressing things that could have been prevented.

 Be well friends, as always I’m here to help get you to your goals. And stay there.

Awakening From A Food Coma

You set your intentions to “be good” on Thanksgiving.  Maybe just one serving of mashed potatoes and one piece of pumpkin pie.  Ok maybe two.  And before you know it, the tryptophan kicks in and all you want to do is sleep.  You wake up in the morning feeling bloated and groggy and that’s before you look at the hundreds of Black Friday emails in your inbox.

Thanksgiving is one day.  One day.  It doesn’t have to ruin your plan.  Where people get “in trouble” is that Thanksgiving extends into holiday parties, neighborhood gatherings (socially distanced of course!)  Christmas, New Year’s and before you know it, it’s mid-January and they’ve completely thrown caution to the wind and their plan went with it.

Now is the time to get yourself organized so that you can navigate the holidays with confidence.  You feel empowered to set boundaries that you know you can operate within and you plan your meals so they align with your goals. Or maybe you had a strong start and are starting to stray.  Let’s get you back on track now.  We all know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail.  So get a head start on your friends by doing something different this year.  Put yourself first, change your relationship with food and get a 5 lb head start on them by starting now.

Awaken yourself from your food coma by taking the initiative to invest in yourself.  Your health.  Your happiness.  Your joy.  The only time we are guaranteed is today and what better place to start than from ground zero, aka the tryptophan holiday hangover.  Be well friends, as always I’m here to help get you to your goals.

The Toughest Muscle To Train: Your Brain

It is estimated that humans have over 6,000 thoughts per day.  My husband will tell you that’s more like an hourly estimation in this house 😊 but the total isn’t relevant, it’s the percentage of thoughts based on the truth that we need to care about.

We tell ourselves some pretty hairy stories.  We say things about ourselves that we’d never say to anyone else. Which one fits you?  I’m not good enough.  I’ll be happy when I lose 10 lbs.  I don’t deserve to get that promotion.  He, she or they will love me if I look better.  How many of the 6,000 thoughts per day do you have about yourself and how many of those are self-deprecating and why?  Seriously, why?  How’s that working out for you?

Somewhere along the way, you were told something terrible that you believed.  And then the ego went and searched for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of data points to reinforce those limiting beliefs but did you ever fact check them? Where is the proof that you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t capable of being happy right now?  Go ahead and dig it up…I’ll wait.

You can’t find it.  The truth is that those stories were never true.  And you cost yourselves dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of joyful moments because you allowed the story to continue to breathe.  What waters, grows, right?  So just as you chose to believe the story, choose to believe the opposite.  You are good enough.  Perfectly good in fact.  You are happy now.  You DO deserve that promotion.  Your love is meant for someone else.  Whatever the story is, it’s time to change the narrative.  The meaning.  The choice starts and ends with you and it’s a lot easier to flip the switch than you think.

Retraining your brain takes some commitment but it’s not hard once you know what to look for.  My clients have these principles woven into their coaching programs because I firmly believe that the mind/body/soul approach to health and wellbeing is the only way to make lasting changes. So get started, you’ve got too much living to do to waste any more time on these old, dusty stories…

It’s All About Energy

Broken down into it’s simplest point, your body needs energy in order to survive.  As a car requires gasoline in order to go anywhere, your body requires energy in order to carry out it’s biological functions ranging from breathing, eating, digesting, performing – they all require energy.  Reading this post – requires energy.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created, it must be transferred or converted from one form or another. And this is where we introduce adenosine triphosphate or ATP.  ATP is the molecule responsible for energy and it relies upon macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) as it’s source for energy.  To continue along the car analogy we can think of carbs as the high performance octane, fats as the mid level grade, and protein as regular grade.  They all serve a purpose.  Settle down, I’m not giving you permission to double your carb intake! 🙂 

Carbohydrates get a pretty bad rap in the health and wellbeing industry but they play a very critical role in the human body.  In fact, they are your body’s MAIN SOURCE of energy and the most efficient at producing ATP.  It is because of this that the body preferentially breaks down carbs first, then fats and THEN protein only if the other two fields are depleted.  Carbs fuel your brain, kidneys, heart muscles and the central nervous system.  In fact a diet that is too low in carbohydrates can cause headaches, fatigue, weakness, nausea, constipation, difficulty concentrating (brain fog), bad breath and even vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Fats are also important in the body.  At 9 calories per gram, they are the most concentrated source of energy (double carbs and protein which are each 4 calories per gram).  Fat is the transportation macro.  It helps to transport fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K and supports their absorption in the intestine.  Fat also supports cell growth, protects your organs and helps to keep your body warm.  Fat also helps to produce hormones.  Fats aren’t soluble in the blood so their stores can be difficult to access.  That is why they aren’t relied upon for large amounts of ATP but a backup in case the carbohydrate supply is limited.  Lastly, not all fats are created equal, but that’s another post for another time.

Proteins exist in every single cell of the human body.  Protein helps to repair cells, generate new cell growth and is a critical part of the processes that fuel your energy and carry oxygen throughout your body in the blood.  Protein helps to create antibodies that fight off infections and illness.  Proteins are really important to maintaining healthy, strong muscles and tissues.  Proteins CAN be used to produce ATP however proteins are required for so many other functions within the body that they are not prioritized.

In summary, it’s all about energy.  In order to sleep, you need energy.  In order to eat, you need energy.  In order to breathe, or walk or run or cook….you need energy.  Hopefully with today’s blog you have a slightly better understanding of what each macro’s role is in the production of energy that fuels you throughout the day.  As always, I’m here to discuss.

What Is An Intention?

An intention is a direction you want to head toward.  A feeling you want to achieve. A desired future state. An environment other than the one you are currently in.  How you want to act and/or feel.  Choosing what to focus on.  When deciding you want to change, or move things in a different direction, the intention is the first stop on the journey.  Goals come next.  Don’t jump ahead.  Intentions are cornerstone.  They are what you come back to when you feel your mind wandering – when you begin to engage in the dangerous and destructive practice of comparison, envy or jealousy.  Bring yourself right back to what you want.  Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel?  Only you can answer those questions. It’s unique to you, your journey and your story. 

I prefer to set my intention first thing in the morning – like a roadmap for the day, week and month ahead.  I remind myself each day, right when I wake up, what my intention is, and I surround myself with people and activities that lead toward my intention (and try not to engage in anything that doesn’t, although some of that is outside of our control!).  My intention is by definition, mine so I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t because it’s not for them.  It’s for me. 

There is no shortage of resources out there to help you navigate intention setting but the leading expert is probably the Chopra Center.  They wrote “5 Steps to Setting Powerful Intentions” and detailed the do’s and don’ts but in my personal opinion, depending on your current state of mind, you could risk overthinking your intention and it loses it’s authenticity and meaning.  Don’t overthink.  Simply sit still and allow the thoughts to come to you.  Answer the questions listed above and write down the first things that come to your mind.  Those are the thoughts you experience most often, the things that are of utmost importance to you and therefore the groundwork for your intention. 

Next is applying the intention.  Put it into practice.  How do you go from dreaming about a different path, to walking on it, or better yet – paving it?  Easy.  You make it part of the fabric of your day.  You wake up declaring that today is going to move you closer to that intention.  That if you stray from the intention, you will do your best to return to it.  That every choice you have, leads you in that direction and you leave simple reminders either on your phone or taped to your computer monitor as reinforcements.  Soon, the intention will just become part of who you are, part of the new you, and present in your actions.