Surrender Your Limiting Beliefs

This is one of the keys to unlocking what has kept you where you are.  Feeling stuck.  Tired.  Helpless.  In search of more but unsure how or where to get it.  

The truth is the limiting beliefs were created by you, therefore they can be changed by you.  You get to define what you believe in.  You get to choose what gets your attention or feeds your soul.  You get to stop feeling unhappy and CHOOSE to feel happy right now.  As you read this.  It is that simple.  

Do you remember learning how to crawl or walk?  Maybe you remember more of when a younger sibling learned, or when your kids learned.  It didn’t happen overnight, but it DID happen.  What caused that was learned behavior.  A series of steps repeated again and again.  You, or they, weren’t experts the first 1-2 dozen times they tried it, and now look at them.  We walk now without thought.  It’s natural.  The same can be done with your limiting beliefs.  And you have some that date back to the days of crawling.

If you’ve spent any time around me, you’ve heard me speak about the ego.  It’s job is to protect you.  It’s job is to say “hey Coleen, that red stove burner means you will get burned, and it will hurt badly, do NOT touch it”.  And it repeats that story to me every time I walk near a red burner, without thought.  I learned, over time, that a red burner is NO PLACE for my hand.  The ego is really good about keeping us safe but it doesn’t understand limits. It doesn’t know when it’s gone too far.  It knows to serve you up a story to keep you safe and comfortable.  Or so it thinks, meanwhile you feel miserable and stuck.  

So how do you reprogram the ego?  One crawl or step at a time.  The first and probably most powerful step is to recognize the thought you are feeling, isn’t real.  It isn’t yours, it’s the ego serving you up a story.  So now you have a decision to make.  Do you believe that story or is there a better story that better fits the reality of the scenario.  Let’s use an example to further illustrate the point.  Time.  An increasingly precious commodity.  Let’s say you tell yourself you don’t have the time to do something.  The ego will serve up all kinds of examples and supporting data points to prove your story, that you don’t have the time.  It will continue to reinforce that story until you believe it again and again.  By centering these stories on facts, and facts alone, you can make data-driven decisions to then determine whether or not you have the time.  I look to facts.  They can’t be disputed and it removes a very powerful tool from the ego’s toolbelt: EMOTION.

The fact is that there are 1,440 minutes in every single day.  Right?  Now it is possible that each person has a different amount of minutes per day or is it true that each person has the exact same number of minutes to work within each day.  The latter, of course.  

The fact is that you need to sleep several minutes of that day in order to function.  You also need to eat, walk the dog, work and maybe do some yoga.  Point is, you have responsibilities that you KNOW without even thinking about it, will consume some number of minutes out of your daily allotment. 

Without belaboring the point, the fact of the matter is you DO have the time, we all HAVE/possess the time to do a thing, but the question is, are you willing to carve out some minutes of your daily allotment to do the thing or is it just not that important to you?  

If it’s important enough to you, you will MAKE the time.  There isn’t a single person I’m aware of that gets access to an incremental number of minutes everyday.  So make your choices, OWN your choices and don’t make excuses for not getting something done.  It wasn’t meant to happen on that day, or you would have made the time for it.

We use these limiting beliefs ALL of the time throughout the weight loss journey. I hear them several times throughout the week.

  • I don’t have the time
  • My body doesn’t work that day
  • My doctor told me I couldn’t lose weight
  • Carbs are bad
  • I’m not meant to reach my goals
  • It will never happen for me

One you retire your limiting beliefs, you enter a level of freedom where the air feels cleaner.  The breaths are deeper, the birds chirp more and above all else, YOU are in control.  With that control comes great responsibility though.  You need to use your power of control for good.

You were meant for more.  You were meant to feel incredible.  You were not meant to self-loathe, limit or practice disbelief.  You were meant for great things.  Now is the time to get you there.

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