Patience, Progress and Potential

Be patient..  Can you think of a time when someone told you to be patient and you thought “gee, I do wish I thought of that on my own, what a good idea!” No of course not.  In fact, when someone tells you to be patient, your blood pressure sky rockets and you become more IMPATIENT right?  Right.

Clients text me ALL of the time with a sense of panic in their words when the scale goes up, assuming that they’ve done something wrong or that I may not know what I’m doing. 

Neither are true. 

If they stick to the plan, the scale WILL reflect their efforts, just maybe not immediately and just not day by day.  We have to remove our emotional attachment to the scale.  It measures our progress but does NOT define our WORTH. Keeping the focus on one of over a dozen data points, is missing the bigger picture.  Consider this real life client example: 

Gina has been making great progress with me and this particular week’s check in was no different however to her, it was a lousy check in.  She was looking at the individual day’s progress.  That number on the scale revealed to her in the morning.  What she couldn’t see was the bigger picture.  She lost 2.1 pounds over the course of the entire week!  I tell clients to expect a 1-2 pound per week loss and she absolutely achieved that!  

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Progress Summary
Daily Morning Body Weight178.8178.8179.4178.8178.2177.2178.2-2.1

Listen, we didn’t become overweight overnight, and it certainly wasn’t a linear journey up the scale either, I can guarantee that.  It ebbed and flowed just like the weight loss did/does, we just don’t see the weight gain vary because we tend not to track our lack of progress.  It basically got us to this position in the first place!  But the weight does ebb and flow just as much in the weight gain, as it does in the weight loss.  It looks sort of like a heart rate monitor image.  Over time the highs aren’t as high and the trend line continues in a downward trend and you begin to see your goals materialize.  With these changes come increased confidence, greater grace and smaller clothing sizes.  But we really need to love ourselves throughout the entire journey, not just when the metrics seem to go our way.

Trusting the process means celebrating the good days along with the bad days, and the bad days should be defined far beyond the scale. The scale can’t make you have a bad day any more than your thermometer can.  It simply reports what it sees.  Again, be careful what you assign your worth to.  

Your coach is here to help you through the process – the good, the bad and the ugly and remind you of your progress as well as your potential.  I am here to hold your hand through the ups and downs of the scale, to remind you why you started and most of all to reinforce that you are worth it.  

You are worth it.  Read that again.  

Allowing the scale to dictate your worth or your day is distracting you from your goals.  Plain and simple.  It is an inanimate object.  Sometimes it’s influenced by alcohol consumption or the barometric pressure in the atmosphere or hormonal changes such as: your monthly cycle, ovulation, menopause or MANopause.  I firmly believe that last one is a thing!

You can find joy right now.  As you read this.  You can choose joy in your current situation and you can claim accountability for what YOU put into YOUR mouth.  You are making choices, hundreds if not thousands of them everyday.  Choose happiness.  Choose joy.  Choose patience and progress over perfection and choose to see your potential, not your past.  It no longer serves you.  You’ve got me now and together we don’t fail and we NEVER give up.

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