The Weight Loss Journey

This time of year it seems everyone is refocusing their efforts on reclaiming their health and wellness, losing weight and feeling fit.  You see it all over social media with comments like “what’s your secret” and “how long did it take you”.  If you find yourself asking the same thing, you aren’t focused on the proper goal and as much as it pains me to say it, I know you’ll be back on that same hamster wheel next year.  

In order to LOOK and FEEL different. You need to ACT different.

Weight loss is a process.  My preferred term for it is journey.  It’s one that never ends because you need food to survive, but when done right, you don’t diet, you make sustainable life long changes that allow you freedom from food.  This is not a diet.  That’s a 4 letter word.  

A journey is RARELY linear.  There are very few people on weight loss journeys that have a steadily declining weight with zero bumps in the road.  Like maybe 1% of all journeys.  We need to remember a few things about our journeys.

  •  They are FILLED with lessons.  The lessons are my favorite part of the journey.  The things you learn about yourself and what you are capable of will just plain blow your mind!
  • They will have peaks and valleys.  The scale doesn’t hate you.  It doesn’t even know you.  Don’t give it that much power.  But as much as you celebrate the wins (when the scale goes down) you also need to celebrate the struggles.  The struggles are there to remind you there is STILL work to be done.  Dig into the struggle and thank it for reminding you to remain humble.
  • They are YOURS.  Your journey is uniquely yours.  There isn’t another to compare it to.  No one has your body, your circumstances, your experiences, your dynamics.  No one.  So since comparison is the thief of joy, why would you put yourself in that position?  Don’t.  You will do this in the time frame that makes the best sense for you and not a second sooner.

There’s another 4 letter word we should talk about though and that’s love.  Too often I see people try to shame and hate themselves skinny.  I’m here to tell you that doesn’t work.  And even if it did, what example are you setting for those around you?  How does it feel to shame yourself?  Do you have an ear to ear grin after?  Or does your head hang a little lower?  You can’t see where you are going if you have your head down.  Think I’m kidding?  There is a mountain of research that confirms that mindset is critical to this journey and since you’ve shamed yourself up until now, how about you try something that’s a little more enjoyable?  A little more fun?

Life is extremely short.  Much shorter than you realize, and to spend even one moment of one day being anything other than happy is wasted energy.  Don’t waste any more. 

Choose Joy.  Choose YOU.

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