There’s A Place For Everything And Everything Has It’s Place

Sure, a slight adjustment to Benjamin Franklin’s quote but I’m adjusting for modern times.  Seriously, there is no one size fits all solution to anything in this world.  At all.  It takes an ecosystem or a series of things, to make systems run.  Your body, which is a system, is the exact same way.

I see it ALL over social media.  “I need to lose weight.  I’m going to workout.”

NO.  You need to lose weight, so you need to adjust the foods you are consuming and consume them in the right ratios for your situation.  Your body.  Someone reading this is saying “did she just give me permission to NOT work out?”  No she didn’t.  You’ll NEVER hear me say that!

What I said was that working out isn’t the key to weight loss.  Will you lose weight working out?  Probably.  But that isn’t the purpose of exercise.  Exercise, specifically cardio’s purpose, is to boost the capability of the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs).  Make them stronger.  More efficiently.  In doing so, we could shed some pounds. When engaging in cardiovascular exercise, we are producing fresh, rich red blood cells that shoot straight up to the brain and produce seratonin, the feel good hormone.  Ever wonder why you feel SOOOOOO good after a workout?  Thank you serotonin!

Exercise’s place in your health and wellness journey is for the mind.  To sweat away the stress, make you feel better, provides you a sense of accomplishment and MOST importantly, quiet time just for you!  So then, what is the best solution for the body?

Nutrition.  Nutrition is the missing link here.  Proper nutrition, specifically consuming carbs, fats and proteins in the proper ratios are what leads to sustained weight loss.  You can wish it to be different, but science and experience have lots of research to back up these statements.  And when I say nutrition, I do not mean diets.  Diets don’t work.  You already know that.  Restrictions drive the wrong behavior. We want to change our relationship with food.  We want to learn how to properly fuel our bodies to do the things they want to do.  We want to teach our kids and our community healthy eating habits so they too can be strong and vibrant.  


You didn’t get to the point of needing to make a change overnight, and you won’t take it off that quickly either.  It WILL come off though.  What’s critical in this process is understanding how you got to this point.  What stories are you telling yourself that feed your anxiety, fuel self doubt and perpetuate emotional eating? Have you ever said: “I’ll be happy when I lose the weight”.


Reprogramming the mind to respond differently to triggers uncovers your happiness, not a number on the scale.  Letting go of the stories that bind you, uncovers the happiness, not your jeans size.  Freedom from food.  Freedom from self loathing and self depreciation.  Those are the crown jewels on this journey.  And the way forward is already within you.  We just need to dust it off.

So say yes to something that scares you today.  Say yes to taking control of your health and embarking on a journey of wellness that leads you to a place of gratitude and joy that is inexplicable.  Say yes to you.  No more no’s.

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