Eliminate cravings in a SNAP

We are in the thick of the holiday season and what’s more, winter.  A time of year where movement and momentum is at it’s lowest.  This is the season where our best laid plans go to die.  They get put on the back burner and we allow stress and cravings to take over.  Most people will try to recoup by New Year’s with a resolution but the latest stats say that 80% of all resolutions fail.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You make choices that lead you down one path or another – it’s up to you how you want to ring in 2021.  How great would it feel to know you kept your cravings at bay, maintained control and put yourself first for once?

This year will naturally look a little different and emotions and stress are at an all time high across the board, but we still get to decide how we show up to face these challenges.  Where we give our power.  

Cravings are triggers activated by our emotional state, habits and surroundings and generally means there is something out of place somewhere – an imbalance.  Acknowledging them, diffuses their power and importance.  It also gives you the opportunity to make a choice.  The power can only reside in one place.  So, will it go to you, or your craving?  You get to choose, and by activating the SNAP method, we give ourselves the chance to treat the cause, not the symptom. 

The SNAP method is a methodology I’ve developed to reset any situation and place it back on track.  

S stands for STOP.  When those feelings of despair, doubt and disbelief enter your mind, you need to immediately stop what you are doing, thinking, feeling and analyzing.  Just don’t take another step.

Next is N.  N stands for NOTICE.  You need to notice the trigger, notice how you feel.  Does your chest tighten? Do your palms get clammy?  Do you begin to sweat?  Does your heartbeat race?  Where does your mind go?  Does it begin to flood with statements of justification or self doubt or blame?  Do you find yourself racing to the cookie jar to soothe yourself?  Don’t this time.  Instead, write down the statements you are telling yourself.  All of them.  Describe your physical and emotional reactions.  Just let the pen flow. 

Now move onto A which stands for Accept.  Read what you just wrote and see which reactions were based on fact vs emotion or what you THINK is true.  Accept the words for what they are, do not judge them but begin to look at them without judgement, you’ll see the words disarm, right in front of your eyes.  Your pulse will begin to slow, you’ll start to have compassion for yourself and the craving just goes away.

The last step is P which stands for Practice gratitude.  The situation doesn’t come without an education.  It comes with key learnings, learnings about you.  About who you are, how you think and feel about yourself and it also gives you a roadmap to joy.  Being thankful for your situations and experiences allow you to see them for what they are versus what you THINK they are.  Gratitude leads to growth; growth exposes changes and change uncovers self love.  All within a —-SNAP.

Remember why you started.  You wanted things to be different this time.  You wanted to end the endless cycle of dieting and make lasting lifestyle changes. Remember my definition of insanity which is: expecting that inaction will lead to desired change.  As always, I’m here to help you.  Let’s talk.

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